What Size?

There is a size differences between the different designs - please double check against your order!

Original Design (V1) 

Collar Size Length Collar Width
Small (S) 30-37cm 3cm
Medium (M) 37-43cm 3cm
Large (L) 43-50cm 3cm


New Design (V2)

Collar Size Length Collar Width
Small (S) 25-36cm 2.5cm
Medium (M) 33-46cm 2.5cm
Large (L) 38-51cm 2.5cm
Extra Large (XL) 45-66cm 2.5cm
Extra Extra Large (XXL) 60-86cm 2.5cm


We strongly recommend you measure your dog before purchasing to ensure you order the right size first time round. Each dog is unique, so it is impossible to guess what size will fit your dog the best. 

How do I measure my dog’s neck?

Using a soft measuring tape, wrap the tape around your dog’s neck and add 2-5 cms to the total circumference. You want the collar to be secure but comfortable, by adding the extra cms will ensure the collar is not too tight on your best mate’s neck.

Once you have received the collar, place around your dog’s neck and check that you can slide two fingers under the collar. This is a good indication that the collar is the right fit.