Does the collar come with the Apple AirTag?

No, the Apple AirTag is not included as part of this purchase.

The collar is designed to fit the Apple AirTag which is the device used to track your pet. You will need to purchase this separately. 

To purchase an Apple AirTag, please go to https://www.apple.com/au/airtag or visit your local electronics store.

Don’t know how the Apple AirTag works?

Here is a funny video on how it works. The AirTag can be used for many purposes.

How do I measure my dog’s neck?

Using a soft measuring tape, wrap the tape around your dog’s neck and add 2-5 cms to the total circumference. You want the collar to be secure but comfortable, by adding the extra cms will ensure the collar is not too tight on your best mate’s neck.

Once you have received the collar, place around your dog’s neck and check that you can slide two fingers under the collar. This is a good indication that the collar is the right fit.

Is the collar waterproof?

No, it is genuine leather, so it is not waterproof. We recommend you use a leather water resistance spray, the same one you use on your shoes, to give an extra coat of protection for the days when your pet is caught in the rain.

We do not recommend collars to be worn in the water for a lengthy period of time (i.e., swimming), fittings on the collar may rust or become discoloured as a result of excessive water usage. Rinse collar with fresh water after swimming in the beach to prevent damage from salty water. 

How do I put the AirTag in?

The design is a snap lock feature to hold the AirTag, and can be simply opened and closed as required. 

To remove an AirTag, you will need to squeeze the sides of it until it pops out. It is meant to be tight so it holds to tag in place.